Food Essentials: Canned Fruits & Vegetables

Pear Halves 850 grams

Packed with no added preservatives, Shezan canned pear halves can be eaten by themselves and also make an ideal addition to salads, and desserts. 850 gr.can

Fruit Salad 450 grams

Enjoy a sweet and healthy snack any time of the day with Shezan Fruit Salad. All fruits picked and packed when they reached the peak of ripeness! 450 gr.can

Peach Halves 850 grams

Devour the taste of summer with canned Peach halves. Enjoy them all throughout the year with the same freshness! 850 gr.can

Garden Peas 830 grams

Relish the whole some garden peas by adding them in your food with convenience. Simply open the can & enjoy them as fresh from the pod. 830 gr.can

Saag 840 grams

Enjoy the natural tasty flavor of saag with the convenience of Shezan Canned Saag. In season or off season, simply open the can & indulge in it! 840 gr.can