Quality Assurance

Research and Development is one of the basic fundamentals of any company. And Shezan is one of those companies that give extra importance to this field. Here at Shezan, we do not shy away from spending lavishly on the R&D Sector because along with taste, it is also responsible for determining the hygiene of any food product. And health and hygiene are our foremost priorities. Also, Shezan aims to provide tasty food which is both wholesome and nutritious! The ingredients that are not available locally are imported. Most of the fruits and vegetables are hand picked from Shezan’s orchards. These, along with other local and imported ingredients are then taken to our state-of-the-art microbiology labs, where they are examined and tested and the best quality ingredients are separated. The ingredients are creatively mixed and developed into new flavours. Shezan sculptures these new flavours into innovative products e.g. Shezan Twist which is a fusion of great flavours.

Here at Shezan, hygiene is of utmost importance. All ingredients are processed in such a way that their nutritional values are not affected adversely. This ensures excellent quality and an impeccable taste, which is characteristic of all Shezan products.