The Shezan Orchards

With a number of star products under their belt, Shezan International has managed to win over many hearts with their full flavored products and the fact that those products are made with the freshest of ingredients grown in their orchards. The freshness of Shezan’s fruits and vegetables is what sets them a part with fruits like Tomatoes, Mangoes, Apples, Strawberries, Peaches, Pears and Green chilies being grown in Shezan’s  farms in Pakistan. These home-grown ingredients are utilized to make Shezan’s Jam’s, Ketchup, Squashes and many of the Beverages. In order to have a consistent supply of fruits that are not locally grown year round, Shezan imports oranges and lemons from Brazil, Red grapes from Italy and Lychee’s from Germany amongst others. Peaches for Shezan All Pure and Pears for Shezan’s canned fruit product line are grown in Swat that is widely known for its sweet tasting, great-looking fruit. It must also be added that we only export the ingredients that are not available in Pakistan to provide an impetus to the economy.